Beginning something new

Well, here it goes. It’s been 10 years since I started a blog called Daily Gusto with my wife Jennifer. It was 2003 — the stone age of blogging. Don’t bother looking for the site. It’s been erased and washed away, along with a lot of great old internet content (, anyone?).

It began as an online magazine about anything I wanted to talk about — from food to New York City to art. I was working as an online journalist inspired in 2000 by Frontline’s revolutionary way of telling stories for a digital age. My site lasted for over 6 years and got hundreds of thousands of clicks as I tried to figure out what I was doing in New York City and what to do with an exciting new medium.

In the end, I left my career as a journalist in order to dedicate my life to making art and writing about it. I have a portfolio site, but I have been wanting more lately. Now, several years after erasing the long-tailed whirligig of Daily Gusto, I am ready to start writing online in a regular way. I want Harrylandia to evolve as a way for me to reflect on my studio practice as well as the art around me in North Carolina.

I’d like for this site to provoke some dialogue and be a way for artists to meet and ask questions. Let’s make it happen. Yeah, I’m talking to you.